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African Union
Angola, flag (1975)
Benin, flag
Botswana, flag
Burkina Faso, flag
Cameroon, flag - vector image
Cape Verde, flag
Central African Republic, flag
Chad, flag
Comoros, flag
Congo (People's Republic of Congo), flag
Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo), flag (2006) - vector image
Congo,Democratic Republic of.
Cote d'Ivoire, flag
Equatorial Gunea
Eritrea, flag
Ethiopia, flag Ethiopia
Ghana, flag
Guinea-Bissau, flag
Kenya, flag
Lesotho, flag (2006)
Liberia, flag

Malawi, flag
Mali, flag
Mauritania, flag
Mauritius, flag
Mozambique, flag
Namibia, flag
Nigeria, flag
Rwanda, flag
Sao Tome and Principe, flag - vector image
Seychelles, flag
Sierra Leon
Somalia, flag
South Africa (RSA), flag
South Sudan, flag
Sudan, flag
Swaziland, flag
Tanzania, flag
Togo, flag
Uganda, flag
Zambia, flag
Zimbabwe, flag
Azawad (see Mali)
Biafra            (See Nigeria)
Somaliland      (See Somalia)
Western Sahara (See Morocco)



Antigua and Barbuda, flag
Argentina, flag
Bahamas, flag
Belize, flag
Bolivia, flag
Brazil, flag
Canada, flag
Colombia, flag
Cuba, flag
Dominica, flag - vector image
Ecuador, flag
El Salvador, flag
Grenada, flag Grenada
Guatemala, national flag
Guyana, flag
Haiti, flag
Honduras, flag
Jamaica, flag
Mexico, flag
Nicaragua, flag
Paraguay, flag (front side)
Peru, civil flag
St. Kitts and Nevis, flag
St. Lucia, flag
St. Vincent and Grenadines, flag
Suriname, flag
Trinidad and Tobago, flag
Venezuela, flag (2006)


Afghanistan, flag (2004)
Azerbaijan, flag Azerbaijan
Bangladesh, flag
Bhutan, flag
Brunei Darussalam, flag
Brunei Darussalam         
Cambodia, flag
China, flag China
Iran, flag
Kazakhstan, flag Kazakhstan
Korea (South)
North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea), flag
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of (North)
Kirgizia (Kyrgyzstan), flag
Lao People's Democratic Republic, flag
Malaysia, flag
Maldives, flag
Mongolia, flag
Myanmar, flag (2010)
Nepal, flag
Sri Lanka, flag
Turkmenistan, flag
Uzbekistan, flag
Vietnam, flag
Taiwan, flag
South Vietnam, flag (1955)
South Vietnam
(See Vietnam)


European Union (EU), flag
Albania, flag
Andorra, flag
Armenia, flag
Belarus, flag (2012) - vector image
Belgium, flag
Bosnia and Herzegovina, flag
Croatia, flag
Cyprus, flag
Denmark, flag
Estonia, flag
Finland (Suomi), flag Finland
Macedonia (Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, F.Y.R.O.M.), flag
France, flag
Georgia (Sakartvelo), flag
Germany, flag
Greece, flag
Iceland, flag
Ireland, flag
Italy (Italia), flag
Latvia, flag
Liechtenstein, flag
Lithuania, flag
Moldova (Moldavia), flag
Monaco, flag
Montenegro, flag
Norway, flag
Poland, flag
Portugal, flag
Romania, flag
Russia (Russian Federation), flag
San-Marino, civil flag
Spain, flag
Sweden, flag
Switzerland, flag
Ukraine, flag
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, flag
Abkhazia, flag Abkhazia
Artsakh (Nagorny Karabakh), flag Artsakh (see Armenia)
Chechnya, flag (1999) Chechnya
Kosovo, flag Kosovo (See Serbia)
North Ossetia-Alania, flag South Ossetia (See Georgia)
Moldavian SSR & Pridnestrovie, flag Transnistria (See Moldova)

Czechoslovakia (See Czech Republic)

German Democratic Republic (DDR), flag GDR (See Germany)
Holy Roman Empire, banner of the Holy Roman Emperor Roman Empire/Holy Roman Empire
Soviet Union (USSR), flag USSR

   Middle East

Libya, flag (2011)
Morocco, flag
Saudi Arabia, flag
Syria, flag
Tunisia, flag
Turkey, flag
Kurdistan (See Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey)

Yemen (Aden), See: Yemen

Yemen (Sana), See Yemen


Australia, flag
Fiji, flag
Kiribati, flag
Marshall Islands
Micronesia (Federated states of Micronesia), flag
Nauru, flag
New Zealand, flag
Palau, flag
Papua New Guinea, flag
Samoa (West Samoa), flag
Solomon Islands, flag - vector image
East Timor (Timor Leste), flag
Vanuatu, flag
Flag of Rapa Nui, Chile.svg Easter Island









*Disputed states listed here do not include goverments in exile (with the exception of Chechnya). A disputed state has de facto control over all or some of the territory it claimes.

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