09 Apr 1883               Adolf Lüderitz (1834-86), purchases Angra Pequeña (Lüderitz).

24 Apr 1884               Deutsche-Sudwestafrika protectorate

14 Sep 1892               German Imperial colony

09 Jul 1915 - 21 Mar 1990 Occupied by South Africa

28 Jun 1919               Germany recognises the loss of Southwest Africa

17 Dec 1920               League of Nations mandate under South Africa

11 Dec 1946               Under U.N trusteeship (rejected by South Africa)

24 Aug 1954               De facto annexation by South Africa

                          (not internationally recognised)

27 Oct 1966               UN terminates the mandate and declares

                          South West Africa under de jure UN responcibility

                          (not recognised by South Africa which continues

                          to exercise de facto authority

12 Jun 1968               U.N renames South West Africa Namibia

30 Jan 1970               U.N declares Namibia to be under illegal

                          occupation by South Africa

21 Mar 1990               Independence from South Africa as the Repubic of Namibia

01 Mar 1994               Wolvis bay ceded to Namibia by South Africa